Kubernetes Mongo Quickstart Deployment

The Kubernetes documentation will be updated shortly to accomodate migration to the scim-universal image. The instructions below are for configuring a 0.6.1 server.

Included are a number of K8S yaml files that can be modified to suit your deployment. By default, all components are deployed in the scim-mongo K8S namespace. Files of note:

  1. dbmongo-test-service.yaml - This file sets up a Mongo database instance which the i2scim server. Note: this should be applied to the K8S cluster after 1-i2scim-mongo-configs.yaml is applied. will look for. Note that this test service does not set up a fault tolerant Mongo configuration. Look to your cloud provider or MongoDB web site for information.
  2. 1-i2scim-mongo-configs.yaml This file sets up the initial run configuration for i2scim. Customize this file to suite your deployment requirements
    • Creates scim-mongo namespace.
    • Creates the MongoDB admin access secret (mongo-db-cred).
    • Creates the i2scim server administration credential (i2scim-root).
    • Creates the i2scim server configuration properties (i2scim-mongo-config).
  3. 2-i2scim-mongo-pvset-yaml - In the case where operational files like access logs need to be retained, this file defines persistant volumes used to hold data in the /scim mount point. Note, i2scim with Mongo depends entirely on MongoDb to hold all data. An i2scim-mongo deployment is otherwise stateless.
  4. 3-i2scim-config-schema.yaml - Thie ConfigMap sets up the operational schema, and endpoint (resource types) definitions for the server. See below.
  5. 4-i2scim-mongo-set.yaml - Deploys i2scim as a Stateful set using the cluster’s load balancer.

i2scim-mongo-config ConfigMap Properties

This K8S ConfigMap sets up i2scim to run using the MongoProvider. If not using the dbmongo-test-service.yaml, update the property ‘scim.prov.mongo.uri’ to point to a valid MongoDb accessible by the cluster.

In order to facilitate K8S change control, the access control (acis.json) and schema files (resourceTypes.json and scimSchema.json) are loaded into a Config map and are referenced at the “/config” endpoint.

i2scim uses the Quarkus Smallrye JWT Plugin. See Quarkus JWT Guide for more information. Any properties described can be added to the i2scim-mongo-config ConfigMap.

i2scim-config-schema ConfigMap

This configmap (set by 3-i2scim-config-schema.yaml) defines the access controls, resource types, and schema to be used by the server. Configmap includes the following files:

Note that i2scim engine is entirely schema driven. Any new schema or resource type can be configured by updating the ConfigMap. Once updated server nodes will now support the new schemas.